2" Faux Wood Blinds


Our 2” Faux Wood Blind is made of a static and fade resistant material that won’t crack, split or warp. The elegance, low maintenance and affordability of our Faux Wood Blinds makes it the perfect compliment to any window.

1" Vinyl Plus Mini Blinds


Designed for durability, the 1” Vinyl Plus Mini Blind withstands heavy-duty use without compromising design, and the steel headrail increases that strength, even making the need for valances a thing of the past.

1" Aluminum Mini Blinds


 Our 1” Aluminum Mini Blind is engineered using crease resistant aluminum slats, designed to spring back if pulled out of shape. Now with a sleek, modern headrail, there’s no longer any need for valances, making our Aluminum Mini Blinds even more durable.

Economy Vertical Blinds


Our Economy Vertical Blinds are the perfect solution for any patio door. A heavy duty steel headrail carries the smooth 3.5" vertical slats to stack at either end of the window.

Cords and Kids don't mix

certified best for kids cordless blinds

Action leads to Prevention. As of December 15th 2018, our products will be completely cordless. Cordless Blinds are the new industry standard, and we've got you and  your windows covered.

Custom Blinds, Shades and Shutters


We take pride in delivering exactly what you're looking for, so let us know if you're looking for something special. We'll come to you with plenty of samples to help you find what you're envisioning.

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